Fundraising Trends for Schools: What’s Working Now? best fundraisers for schools

  • Art Auction:

Encourage students to create artwork that can be auctioned off during a school art auction event. Parents, teachers, and community members can bid on the art pieces, and the proceeds can go towards funding art programs, supplies, or even art-related field trips. This not only raises money but also fosters creativity and appreciation for the arts.

  • Holiday Gift Wrapping Service:

During the holiday season, offer a gift wrapping service at local malls, stores, or community events. Volunteers can wrap shoppers’ presents in exchange for donations. This fundraiser not only raises funds but also spreads holiday cheer and provides a convenient service for busy shoppers.

  • Read-A-Thon:

Promote reading and literacy by organizing a read-a-thon. Students can gather sponsors who pledge a certain amount for each book read or hours spent reading. The participants can set reading goals and track their progress, and the funds raised can be used to purchase new books for the school library or support literacy programs.

  • Community Yard Sale:

Organize a community-wide yard sale where families can sell unwanted items, and a portion of the proceeds goes to the school. This not only raises funds but also brings the community together and helps declutter homes. Promote the event through local advertising and social media to attract a larger crowd. best fundraisers for schools

  • Movie Night:

Host a movie night at the school or an outdoor location, where families can come together to watch a popular film. Charge admission and sell concessions like popcorn, candy, and drinks. Consider setting up a screen and projector for an outdoor cinematic experience. The funds raised can be used for various school projects and activities.

  • School Calendar Sales:

Create and sell school calendars featuring important dates, school events, and student artwork or photography. Parents and community members can purchase these calendars as a useful tool while supporting the school financially. Be sure to promote the calendars at the beginning of the school year and during back-to-school events.

  • Talent Workshops or Classes:

Leverage the expertise of teachers, parents, or local professionals to offer workshops or classes on various skills or hobbies. These can include cooking, art, music, dance, or even academic tutoring. Charge a fee for participants to enroll, and the funds can be used to support extracurricular activities or special programs at the school.

  • Dress-Up or Costume Day:

Host a themed dress-up day at the school where students and staff can come dressed in costumes related to a specific theme, such as superheroes, movie characters, or historical figures. Participants can pay a fee to dress up, and prizes can be awarded for the best costumes. It’s a fun way to encourage creativity and raise funds simultaneously.

  • Sports Tournament:

Organize a sports tournament such as a basketball, soccer, or volleyball competition, involving students, teachers, and parents. Teams can pay an entry fee, and spectators can purchase tickets to watch the games. Consider partnering with local businesses to sponsor the event or provide prizes. The funds raised can support sports programs and equipment.

By incorporating these diverse fundraising ideas, schools can engage their communities, meet their financial goals, and provide additional resources and opportunities for students. Each of these fundraisers has its unique appeal and can be tailored to the school’s specific needs and objectives.