Beyond Crowdsourcing: 9 GoFundMe Alternatives

It doesn’t cost anything to create pool members and share management tasks. GoFundMe automatically deducts a 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee from every donation. Being able to reach more people and have a super successful fundraiser. Centre Hall Fire Company is holding a benefit fundraiser for fireman Greg Yearick and his family. The benefit will be held tomorrow, Sept. 23, beginning at noon at the fire station.
You can run the wide array of fundraising features in RallyUp (see “RallyUp” in the table above) for free with Donor Tipping. Because Donor Tipping is enabled by default, you don’t pay any Platform Fee. Cancel anytime and keep using the powerful RallyUp you already love. When hosting a giveaway, make sure that the rules of entry are clear. You may ask your supporters to post photos from your event, tag you, make a donation, or any other actionable step.
Fundly is another crowdsourcing fundraising platform that charges high fees. Though it is free for organizers to use and set up, organizers will need to raise more in order to cover administration fees deducted from each donation. You can price out items as an excellent visual for your funeral expenses. FundRazr charges a standard base fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction to cover credit card fees.
Most pet owners don’t always have time to walk their four-legged friends thanks to their busy schedules. Give pups a chance to stretch their legs and owners a chance to kick back and relax after a long day’s work. Adjust the price based on dog size and charge more for longer walks. Host a dedicated text-to-donate campaign or feature your text-to-give number at all of your fundraiser events. Just create and hang online fundraising sites that showcase your organization’s text-to-give number or announce the giving opportunity over loudspeakers. Chances are you’ve at least seen (and maybe even donated to) crowdfunding campaigns in the past.
Have you ever thought about fundraising in your Instagram stories? Instagram (and Facebook) don’t charge any fees, not even credit card fees and since they are run under the same umbrella, both have easy-to-use features that make fundraising easy. When it comes to raising money to establish or grow your business, you have more options than searching your couch cushions for change or pursuing traditional venture capital.
This fundraising event idea is perfect for families and children. Ask your community and local businesses to donate supplies and help you get the word out. Charge per scoop or set a flat ticket fee for an all-you-can-eat option. If you are interested in sourcing fresh virtual fundraising ideas, this event can also be completed virtually for anyone with access to a treadmill at home. Ask fundraisers to rally support from their networks to pledge money for each mile they log or each time-based benchmark they hit (e.g., pledge to donate $50 dollars for every five miles).
This means it is likely the individual inherited one sickle cell gene and one normal gene from their parents. If an individual receives a positive result, they should consult their medical provider to discuss their test results and pursue additional confirmatory diagnostic testing. “What we think is a great mix is a great user experience that is built for the needs and desires of the nonprofit public—married with the fact that it doesn’t cost anything. [It gives] nonprofits a chance to experiment with different online fundraising functions,” David said. There are other small-business funding options, like loans and lines of credit, are tried-and-true (and often less risky) sources of fuel for startup funding. Failed projects can risk damaging your reputation, lead to someone stealing your idea (if you haven’t copyrighted or patented it), and disappoint the people who have pledged money to you.
Incorporating peer-to-peer fundraising on charity fundraising platforms is a fantastic way to drive donations and achieve your goals. Let’s dive into how online fundraising platforms with peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities can help you make the most of your event and strengthen your donor community. Donorbox is a fundraising solution that helps nonprofits raise money online. It offers a variety of features, including customizable donation forms, email marketing, and text-to-give tools. Fundly is a crowdfunding platform designed for both individuals and nonprofits. With Fundly, you can customize your donation page and then share that page with friends, coworkers, and family.
Your board members are a fundraising powerhouse you may not be tapping. Ask your board members to create a personal fundraising page to share with their colleagues, friends, and family. Ask your supporters to set up personalized fundraising pages and promote via email and social media to fundraise for your cause.